Define Your Own Beauty.


I would rather be the plainest girl who’s ever lived and admired for my wit and strength and spirit, than have beauty beyond compare, but nothing inside to offer the world.

That’s not what society teaches little girls. That’s not what it thinks should matter. Not what it places value on. 

But society can think whatever it wants, because it doesn’t get to tell me how to define my own worth. Or what makes me beautiful.

Only I get to do that.


I’m trying to get to the point where the following won’t determine my self-worth:

  • How many people like me
  • If people text me back
  • If people want/ don’t want to be around me
  • My weight
  • My physical attributes

If I’m comfortable with myself, that’s all the matters.  I’m the one who’s going to have to live with myself.

~ Follower of the Apocalypse: Are you fit for survival? Or would you be a victim of natural selection?



Can you chase a wounded deer through the forest?

(Run a mile in terrain under 8 minutes)

If you had to climb a tree or pull yourself over a fence could you do it?

(Complete 5 good arms extended pullups)

If you killed a 150 pound buck, could you carry it home?

(Squat 185 pounds,…

There are people who sit by bridges to stop people from jumping. There are bloggers who stay up for hours telling people not to kill themselves. I’m one of them. Because I love you. Yes, you with the razor. Put it down. Tell me anything. I’ll listen. Don’t take those pills. I’m here. And I care. I think YOU are beautiful. Reblog this if you don’t mind your followers coming to you for help<3 


i will never mind !

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